Tigers Life (50 x 70 actual picture size)


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500mm X 700mm actual picture size

A full diamond 5D painting, each kit has a self adhesive painting with symbols and letters printed in the picture, a full set of diamonds to complete the picture, one applicator with a glue pad to help pick the diamonds up and a tray to hold the diamonds,

peal back part of the protective tape on the picture, look at the symbols required to fill the area and put some of the corresponding diamonds in the tray, shake the tray gently to get the diamonds the right way up, put some of the glue pad on to the adaptor and pick up the diamond, press the diamond gently in to place on the corresponding number on the painting, repeat until the drawing is finished,

Please note,

Frame not included

1 review for Tigers Life (50 x 70 actual picture size)

  1. leannahmoon

    Absolutely stunning kit, amazing quality and finished product looks amazing.Detail is stunning and the quality of these kits are second to none.

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